• FUN, SAFE, FLEXIBLE swim lessons Santa Barbara Swim Camp
  • FUN, SAFE, FLEXIBLE swim lessons Santa Barbara Swim Camp
  • FUN, SAFE, FLEXIBLE swim lessons Santa Barbara Swim Camp
  • FUN, SAFE, FLEXIBLE swim lessons Santa Barbara Swim Camp

Who is Wilson Swimming?

Wilson Swimming is a Santa Barbara swimming lesson and summer swim camp program that has been teaching children to love the water for over 20 years. Located in Santa Barbara, the swimming lessons are run out of our backyard, where the atmosphere is approachable and kids feel comfortable learning to swim in a “home” environment. We emphasize building confidence, overcoming fears, learning to love the water, and eventually stroke technique in our family-run swimming lesson program. When children are ready to graduate from our swimming lesson program, we host a swim camp twice during the summer at UCSB. Santa Barbara Swim Camp is a more intensive swim program, where kids improve technically, and train with an expert coaching staff, while enjoying a summer sports camp environment. Together with our three grown children, all aquatic specialists and educators, we have developed a system of teaching that enables each student to excel and progress, while building confidence and self-esteem.
Why do we do this?

Swimming lessons should be FUN and SAFE and FLEXIBLE.

Children learn faster if they are having fun while building new skills.  We use games and toys to teach and practice each skill.  The swim teachers are always inventing new games to let the swimmers be creative and keep the lessons interesting.  Have a child that’s afraid? No problem – our swim instructors can soothe their fear of swimming, water, the deep end, or going under. Have a child that needs…?  Our teachers know when to praise, hug, challenge, and push.  We have worked with every kind of child over the years. No child is too active, too timid, or too strong-willed to work with our experienced staff. We have experience working with special needs children. Children of all abilities and personalities thrive when they learn to use their body, work with a teacher, and master a skill (whether it is blowing bubbles, or diving).  Movement and exercise strengthen the body and brain. Kids that learn to swim learn a skill they can use their entire life.

Water safety is a concern to all! We are committed to helping kids learn to love swimming lessons, but have a safe and healthy respect for water. We build from the most basic skill of breath control (which we even teach to babies), to endurance and stroke technique which are all a critical part of water safety.

Living in beautiful Santa Barbara, with water everywhere, learning to swim is mandatory. But it can be fun! And we can be flexible…Have a busy schedule? We understand!!  Our schedule is set up to be flexible. We know that from one week to the next your calendar does not always look the same, and we don’t think you should have to sacrifice swimming lessons because of it. We offer lessons Monday – Friday and have many times available. Check out our lessons page for more detailed information on our scheduling.
Why choose Wilson Swimming?

How are our lessons different from other programs?

  • We are a comprehensive program and can take your child from infancy through childhood with a love of the water.
  • Our instructors and counselors are accomplished swimmers, experienced teachers, and are chosen because they love kids.
  • Our scheduling is flexible – you choose the days and times that fit your schedule.
  • All our lessons are 30 minutes. We feel this is the optimum time for a lesson.
  • All our lessons are private lessons.
  • Our setting is very comfortable and relaxed and our water is warm!
  • We use innovative games and age appropriate toys to accomplish our teaching goals
  • We can personally monitor and adjust our pool chemicals.
  • Check out our lessons page for more detailed information.