1.  How old does my child have to be to participate?

The camp is designed for swimmers between the ages of 6 and 16.

camp032.  My child can swim, but his/her strokes are not very good. Will this camp help them?

This camp is perfect for your child. We will work on strokes every day.
In addition to building endurance we want your child to be as efficient in the water as possible. Check out the weekly schedule page for more information.

3. My child is not on a swim team, but they love to go to the beach and swim. Can they do the camp?

Yes. Your child does not need to be on a swim team to do this camp. We have swimmers with a variety of experiences and abilities.

4. Will this camp get them ready for Junior Guards?

Absolutely! This is a great way to build their endurance quickly at the beginning of the summer.

5. How do I know if my 6 year old swims well enough to do the camp?

We test all our 6, and 7 year olds early in June. If your child doesn’t swim well enough to be safe, we will either recommend more lessons before camp starts, or we might recommend you wait until next year. Safety is our number one priority and camp would not be fun for your child if they are not ready. If we do not think they are ready, you will receive a full refund at the placement test.

6. Will there be a lifeguard on duty?

We always have two lifeguards on duty. In addition, at least one coach in every group is lifeguard certified. Our ratio of campers to counselors is very low, so your child is being watched at all times in and out of the pool.

7. Can I watch my child while they are swimming?

You are welcome to watch from the bleachers any time we are in the pool.
We ask that you NOT come onto the pool deck except to pick up your child at the end of the day. It is very distracting to your child and the rest of the children to have you on deck.

8. Do they have to wear a swim cap?

We provide swim caps for all the campers and ask that they wear them at least for the first day. We write their names on the caps and use them to identify your child when they are in the water. Once your child’s counselor gets to know them, they may allow your child to swim without the cap.

9. Do they have to wear goggles?

Yes. Because the pool is a commercial pool, the level of chlorine must be kept at a minimum standard. Your child will be in the water for several hours and their eyes would be very painful if they did not wear goggles. Goggles may feel strange at first, but they will get used to them.

10. Will you remind my child to put on sunscreen?

We take several sunscreen breaks every day. The counselors will apply the sunscreen for the younger campers, and the older campers may do their own with a buddy or counselor to help.

11. What kind of suit do they need? Can they wear a rash guard?

We recommend a speedo-style suit for our swimmers.  Board shorts or other suits are bulky  and slow them down in the water. (We do not require this, but recommend it strongly) Rash guards also prevent your child from full range of motion when they get wet and heavy. If your child is very fair, and you are concerned about sunburn, they may wear a rash guard, but it will make their swimming more difficult. Remember, we use lots of sunscreen!

12. Can they be in the same group with their friends?

If you let us know at least one week before camp starts, we will try to place your child with their friends. We know it is more fun to attend camp with a friend. Generally campers are grouped by age and ability. There are a lot of factors that go into the placement of campers in addition to each camper’s ability. We also take into account the size of the groups, and the skills of each of our staff members in dealing with a variety of issues. We are ultimately responsible for ensuring your child has the best possible camp experience, and all final placement decisions will be made by the camp coaches and staff.

13. Is this a workout or a technique clinic?

This is definitely a stroke technique camp. However, your child will be doing a lot of swimming every day. Expect them to be tired.

14. Can I pick my child up early?

We respect your time and hope your will respect ours. We try very hard to have all 100 children dressed and ready to go at 4:00 pm. It is very disruptive to have children leave early, expecially when a coach is working in the  water with the campers, or trying to get 12 six year-olds showered,  dry, and changed in a half hour.  If you let the coach know in advance that you have an appointment, they will try to have your child ready to go when you need to get them early. Please try not to do this on a daily basis. We are working with a large number of children and stopping for one child can be difficult.

15. Can we carpool?

We highly recommend it. However, we will not release your child to anyone other than their parent unless you authorize it with their coach in advance. It’s a good idea to write a note the coach can keep on their clipboard if you will have different people picking your child up during the week.